About Uteach Lessons

Uteach Lessons exists to support efforts to deliver best education outcomes for all young people.

We recognise the complex and time consuming nature of teaching, and have invested in the development of cloud-based, serial lesson content, complete with scheduling capability, to reduce lesson planning and preparation burden for the full academic year.  We seek to enable teachers to invest a greater proportion of their energy in delivering engaging classroom experiences, and to secure a more reasonable #worklifebalance.  Development of our lesson content has been led by Alex Russell, CEO of Bourne Education Trust (BET) and a National Leader of Education.  We are committed to further development of our system to reflect teacher feedback and introduce more and better value adding features.


In delivering support to professional educators and their students, we are committed to the following CORE VALUES.

OUTSTANDING SERVICE: we aim to be supportive and responsive, addressing requests for information and support in a timely manner.

THINKING DIFFERENTLY: we are curious to explore how we can achieve our organisation's purpose, leading to the development of innovative solutions that are easy to use and make a positive difference.

INSPIRING CONTENT: we seek to develop and publish content, within both lessons and associated information that engages, inspires and makes an impact.

COMMITTED AND CARING: we want to make a real difference to teachers and their students, and are committed to doing all that we can to improve teacher #worklifebalance and student learning outcomes.







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