Wednesday 29 August 2018

Teachers new to the profession...supporting them during their formative years

It’s perhaps stretching it a little to compare a new start teacher with the arrival of a new baby.  However, there are similarities.


The new arrival is entering a world with which it is unfamiliar, and is unclear about how to cope.  There is a need for intensive support during the formative period.

The guardian or head teacher must identify how to address the new arrival’s needs, alongside the many other matters that require their time and attention.

Now imagine multiple new arrivals on the same day.  The overall time and intensity requirement increases substantially with volume.

Many of the teachers and head masters with which we consulted highlighted the challenge of supporting multiple new teachers during their formative years.  Among other challenges was the requirement to support new teachers with lesson planning and preparation.  Custom and practice in many schools is that teachers develop their own content.  This requires significant time investment.  It also demands subject knowledge and an appreciation of what is necessary to maximise prospects of learning outcomes being achieved.  New teachers often find this difficult and experience heightened anxiety as a result.

Uteach Lessons was created to provide teachers – and the school education sector more generally – with immediate, online, low-cost access, to a full academic year of curriculum-aligned, serial lesson content for both primary and secondary schools.  We differ from other online content providers in that our 2,760 lessons have been curated by a National Leader of Education, developed by a high performing Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), and are organised to facilitate rapid identification of the lesson required at any point in the academic year.  We offer schools and MATs a single system environment within which to access our lessons.  Moreover within this environment, teachers can edit and store variants of our content to allow them to customise to suit their teaching style and the needs of their class.  We believe that this system will be particularly beneficial for new start teachers, enabling them to progress along one element of their learning curve very much more rapidly than would otherwise be possible.  We anticipate that this will reduce anxiety and make some contribution towards reducing the attrition rate among new teachers.

Uteach Lessons is available for adoption as a MAT or school-wide solution. We also offer a discounted subscription directly to teachers to ensure that they can benefit from the platform should their MATs or schools choose not to adopt.

To support your new arrivals visit to secure access to a free 7-day trial and experience how it works today!

Note: Uteach Lessons now comes with complimentary iOS and Android Apps through which to access and review your lesson content on the move

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