Tuesday 31 March 2020

Free Lessons for Children in Lockdown

Worried parents are being thrown a lifeline as lessons for every class their locked-down children would ordinarily study at school are being made available online.

Thousands of lessons, designed by some of the country’s top educators, are being launched on the web in a bid to stop pupils falling behind in their studies. Parents receiving Universal Credit or Jobseekers Allowance will be given free access to the lessons.

The move comes as teachers reveal their fears that students may lose vital learning skills if they fail to keep pace with schoolwork during the lockdown.

Originally designed as a resource for teachers, the lessons are now being rolled out to students to allow them to continue their courses while they are in isolation.

The lessons have been created by one of the country’s top education authorities, the Bourne Education Trust, headed by National Leader of Education Alex Russell.

Existing resources for distance learning can be difficult to navigate, not being in defined sequences or orders. Uteach lessons are designed to mirror the lessons pupils would be studying if they were attending their daily classes. Each course comes with tests, assignment and assessment tools.

Uteach lessons are available free for two weeks to allow parents and students to check they are right for them. Thereafter the lessons are just £2.50 per week for a full course.

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