Thursday 01 November 2018

50% OFF | November Only!

For November ONLY we are offering our Uteach lessons at a discount offer of £50. Sign up for the Uteach Lessons free trial and subscribe to get this half price offer!

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Think about what you would usually spend £50 on...a dinner, maybe a couple of drinks with some friends? For £50, you will get access to lessons and teaching resources for the full year. 

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Don't waste time trawling the web for ad-hoc lesson resources. Use ours instead! Our Lessons adoption will drastically reduce the time it takes to find relevant lesson content. It provides an environment within which to edit lesson content and from which to present via desktop or the Uteach Lessons Teacher app facilities - or you can present it as is (it's quality assured!). You can even share your lessons with your pupils via the Uteach Lessons app.

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