Monday 06 August 2018

How helpful are lessons created by other teachers?

Let’s set the scene...

You’ve had a tough week and worked way beyond your contracted hours - again.  It’s Friday and you’ve made it to the weekend. You’re looking forward to some respite and then it occurs that you’re covering for a colleague next week, and need to spend some of your weekend preparing resources to address this additional burden. No problem you think - there are lots of online resources out there to help. Aren’t there?

You awake on Saturday morning and resolve to get through your preparation burden early, and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. And so it begins…..

Your online search for teaching resources reveals a number of rich sources of content. That’s a great start. However, the sources are so rich that you have a choice of numerous lessons, prepared by various teachers. Which one should you trust?

You could pick any one of the options available and hope that this supports your ambition to deliver an engaging learning experience for your class. You know that won’t work. Your heart sinks. You’ll need to go through them one at a time to determine which provides the most appropriate baseline material, and then use this as a basis for preparing your lesson.

This will take some time. Goodbye to plans for Saturday!!

Frustrated teacher planning lessons late at night

This is an all too familiar scenario for many of the teachers that we work with. Their circumstances vary, but the challenge of preparing lessons in short time scales, leveraging existing digital resources is widespread, and is a major source of disaffection within the education sector.


So what’s the alternative?

Imagine having access to a bank of lesson resources that was mapped to your curriculum requirements for the full academic year. The lessons will be indexed and presented in a consistent format. The bank will be curated by a practising National Leader for Education, and the lessons prepared by teachers working within a high performing Multi-Academy Trust. The lessons will be delivered via an online platform that allows access to view and present lessons online, and to edit and store lessons to give teachers control to introduce changes that they believe to be appropriate to meet the needs of a particular class group.

Our imagination led to the creation of Uteach Lessons to deliver on all of the features described above. We believe that adoption of Uteach Lessons will reduce teachers’ workload, thereby providing them with the space and time to deliver high impact classroom experiences, and best learning outcomes for all young people.

Uteach Lessons is available for adoption as a MAT or school-wide solution. We also offer a discounted subscription directly to teachers to ensure that they can benefit from the platform should their MATs or schools choose not to adopt.


You can try our lessons for free for 7 days. Simply sign-up here!

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