Tuesday 09 October 2018

Learning at Home with Uteach Lessons

Among the challenges that we set out to address with Uteach Lessons was that of equipping schools, tutors, parents, and pupils, with curriculum-aligned lesson content that is accessible from home.  Our digital ecosystem achieves that objective.

Uteach Lesson’s digital ecosystem comprises four elements: website; lessons management platform; teacher app; and pupil app.

Website: The entry point for our cloud-based system.  As well as providing background and support information, the site hosts registration facilities for subscribers (school groups, schools, teachers, tutors, parents) and for pupils seeking access to the pupil app associated with the subscriber’s account.

Lessons management platform: The cloud-based environment that hosts our teaching resources and from within which resources can be accessed, edited [where required] and presented.

Teacher’s App: Enabling teachers to access and view lessons within their subject preference areas via Apple or Android tablets or smart phones.

Pupil’s App: Through which pupils can access lessons, via Apple or Android tablets or smart phones, for which their teacher, tutor or parent has provided the lesson access code.

Please watch this short video describing the elements of our digital ecosystem and their interaction.

Home learning i.e. access to the pupil app, is supported at both school and teacher subscription levels.

School subscription allows all teachers registered on the Uteach Lessons platform to distribute content to their pupils through the pupil app.  This is particularly useful where pupils cannot access the school site due to sickness or some other issue.

The individual subscription is relevant to teachers, tutors and parents.  Anyone from this group can use the system and distribute content to one or more pupils using precisely the same approach as described above and detailed within the video.

By adopting Uteach Lessons you will go some way towards ensuring that no pupil misses out, whilst being able to service this requirement more efficiently than can be achieved using alternative online lesson resources.

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