Tuesday 21 August 2018

The Challenges of Teaching Unfamiliar Subjects

Spreekt u nederlands?


Je collega is ziek. Er is je gevraagd om hun klas te dekken. Hoe je ook wilt helpen, de les die moet worden gemaakt en afgeleverd, staat niet in een onderwerp waarmee je vertrouwd bent. Je staat voor een steile leercurve en weet niet zeker waar je terecht kunt voor ondersteuning (the translation is in the footnote[1])

Yes – it can all seem like double-Dutch!

Whilst there is a multitude of online resources that can be tapped into, it takes a monumental effort of both time and knowledge to establish which ones might be best to use. Not to mention the configuration of the materials to meet the specific requirements of a class. Daunting!

This scenario is among a number that we considered when developing Uteach Lessons. We wanted to do something to alleviate the additional burden and anxiety that teachers experience when challenged to teach outwith their core subject area(s). In particular, we wanted to provide a solution that establishes confidence that what was being taught was appropriate for the subject, level, and class learning needs. To achieve this, we worked closely with Alex Russell, a National Leader for Education, practising Head Teacher, and Chief Executive of Bourne Academy Trust, to develop serial, curriculum-aligned lessons that you can trust.

Alex curated a collection of lessons addressing primary and secondary education requirements across a range of subjects including Maths, English, the Sciences, History, and Geography. He worked closely with our lesson authors - all of whom are practicing teachers - to develop a full year's worth of engaging content for each subject area. The aim is not to remove a teacher’s ability to alter the content (our platform facilitates lesson editing) our aim is to provide substantial, curriculum-aligned starting points that can be delivered as-is, or modified to meet teacher preferences, as well as class needs and abilities.

Uteach Lessons provides instant access to almost 2,760 lessons.  As a cloud-based solution, lessons can be downloaded to our mobile app, allowing users to review their lessons while on the move.

Uteach Lessons is available for adoption as a MAT or school-wide solution. We also offer a discounted subscription directly to teachers to ensure that they can benefit from the platform should their MATs or schools choose not to adopt.

So – if you are ever challenged to address a teaching requirement outwith your core subject areas, it doesn’t need to be Double Dutch! Secure your access to a free 7-day trial and experience how it works today!


[1] Translation: “Your colleague is ill.  You have been asked to cover their class.  Much as you want to help, the lesson that needs to be created and delivered is not in a subject that you are familiar with.  You are facing a steep learning curve and are not sure where to turn for support.”  Courtesy of Google Translate.

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