Thursday 09 August 2018

School Performance Transformation - Recovering from Special Measures

Throughout the teaching profession there is considerable passion and commitment aimed at delivering the best possible education for all young people, against the background of increasing burden and reducing resources. This challenge is most acute in circumstances where a school has fallen behind performance expectations and become classified as Special Measures.

Schools in Special Measures are challenged to confront many issues and deliver performance transformation quickly. Whilst the specific factors that need to be resolved differ from case to case, all share the challenge of isolating the management and staff capacity within which to define and implement their turnaround strategy. The operational imperative demands that this is done in parallel with teaching commitments.

One option for releasing capacity is to reduce the time and effort required by teachers - particularly new teachers or teachers addressing new subjects for the first time - to prepare lessons. Whilst there are plentiful online resources available from which to build lessons, it can be both challenging and time consuming to sift through all of the available options to find the content that best suits the requirement. It can feel a little like building a piece of flat pack furniture, with the components for several pieces of furniture, without instructions!

Recognising both the circumstances facing schools in special measures and the consequent need to arrive at an appropriate form of lesson content and presentation quickly, Uteach has built a comprehensive, curriculum-aligned, lesson bank that enables teachers to get to what they need with little time and effort required.

Uteach Lessons provides access to a lessons bank that:

  • Comprehensively covers lesson requirements for both primary and secondary schools - KS1 to KS4
  • Contains a full academic year of lesson content for Maths, English, the Sciences, Geography, History and much more
  • Presented in a consistent style and format
  • Curated by a practising National Leader for Education
  • Prepared by teachers working within a high performing Multi-Academy Trust
  • Instantly accessible via an internet browser from any location at any time
  • Presented in their original form instantly, or edited, stored and later presented to reflect the teachers preferences and style, and the specific requirements of a student group

Whilst adoption of will not address all challenges facing schools that choose to subscribe, we are confident that it will go some way towards reducing the lesson preparation burden, allowing greater intensity of effort to be applied to other important activities.

Uteach Lessons is available for adoption as a MAT or school-wide solution. We also offer a discounted subscription directly to teachers to ensure that they can benefit from the platform should their MATs or schools choose not to adopt.

Visit our full lesson index and secure access to a free 7-day trial now!

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