Tuesday 24 April 2018

Uteach Lessons Testimonial

Thank you William for providing feedback on our Uteach Lessons. We’re so glad we can help!

“I have just recently started using the U-Teach lessons and they have decreased my workload immensely. Before using the lessons, I had very little time outside of school as creating new powerpoint for each lesson took so long. Especially with maths as I like to animate the methods and answers into many of my slides. The U-Teach lessons have taken this pressure away from me and the slides they have given me access to, even  have all the animations that would have taken me so long to do. The power points are well laid out and easy to understand for student’s. I especially like the tweets and smiley faces at the end of each slide and it ensures my students are thinking about the keywords. I now have a lot more time to focus on other areas in teaching with much less stress. I also have a lot more free time to myself as I am now getting through things a lot faster since I started using the Uteach Lessons. Thanks U-Teach”

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