Wednesday 03 October 2018

Online Lesson Resources – Streamlining and Enhancing User Experience


Why were Uteach Lessons created?

Good question – it’s one we have been asked many times since we started our Uteach Lessons journey. The short answer is that we did it to address issues that current online providers of lesson content don’t tackle. We recognise that a fundamental challenge facing schools is to deliver excellent education outcomes for young people, against the background of reducing resources and extremely high teacher turnover. We created Uteach Lessons to make preparation of high-quality lessons easier and less burdensome, thereby reducing the time demand on schools and teachers.

So what are the limitations of other online resources?

Whilst acknowledging and respecting the value that existing online teaching resource providers bring, evidence suggests that these have little impact on teacher work burden. Teacher attrition remains among the greatest challenges facing the sector. While existing providers offer access to a wide range of lesson content, the burden of organising lessons and delivering them in digital form to their pupils, remains with schools and their teachers. This relative lack of organisation makes it challenging to use these resources to support integration of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) and Supply teachers, both of which are becoming more time-consuming challenges.

What makes Uteach Lessons different?

Whilst engaging curriculum aligned content lies at the heart of Uteach Lessons, we were driven to organise and deliver lesson content in a way that responded to what we believe to be key operational challenges facing teachers and schools. 

Table 1 highlights features of our solution that we believe add value to online delivery of primary and secondary school lessons and resources.

Table 1: Feature comparison versus popular online lesson resource providers

What else do you offer with Uteach Lessons?

The additional benefits that our system delivers includes:

  • Rapid identification of the lesson required at a particular stage in curriculum delivery.
  • Ability to access and deliver a scheduled lesson if a teacher needs to be back-filled at short notice i.e. with a colleague or supply teacher.
  • Consistent lesson quality, whether delivered by an experienced teacher, a NQT or a supply teacher.
  • Ability to review lesson content on the move, enabled by teacher app.
  • Controlled delivery of lesson content to pupil’s smart phone or tablet, enabling revision and / or home study.
  • Ability to adopt holistically across multi-academy trust, school group or school.
  • Ability to evidence efforts to reduce work burden on teachers via systems use reporting.

So, to come back to the initial question, we created Uteach Lessons to alleviate burden on schools and teachers, allowing them greater capacity to focus on delivering compelling, impacting classroom experiences for their pupils. We’d love you to explore our solution, beginning with a 7-day free trial, to determine where this can make the difference that we hope it can for your school.

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