Maintaining water and nitrogen balance in the body

  • Code: B.4.10.H.10
  • Spefication Reference:
  • Keywords: Sweating, urine, kidneys, control, urea
  • Objectives: 1. Describe where water, ions and urea are lost from the body. 2. Explain why there is no control over water, ion and urea loss by the lungs and skin. 3. Describe the effect of too much or too little water on cells. 4. Explain how the body responds to different temperature and osmotic challenges in terms of sweat and urine release.
  • Competency: To state where water, ions and urea are lost. To describe the effect of water loss.
  • Proficiency: Explain when cells might gain or lose too much water, in terms of osmosis (links with
  • Mastery: Describe how amino acids are deaminated in the liver to form ammonia, which is converted to urea for excretion.

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