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  • Name: Assessment
  • Code: E.4.11.CRW.11
  • Specification Reference: 8700 Paper 1 Section A
  • Keywords: Recall
  • Objectives: To complete an assessment on GCSE English Language Paper One Section A
  • Competency: "Identify explicit meaning and sometimes implicit meaning. A01 Show an increasing understanding of language and structure. A02 Attempt to make evaluative comments on the text Offer simple examples which explains views. Attempt to comment on the writer’s method Select some relevant textual quotations/references. A04"
  • Proficiency: "Understand and make valid responses to explicit and implicit meanings and viewpoints. A01 Show an understanding of language with increasing clarity. A02 Evaluate the text securely Provide relevant examples from the text to explain views clearly Explain clearly the effects of writer’s choices Identify relevant quotations. A04"
  • Mastery: "Demonstrate sustained understanding responding to explicit and implicit meanings and viewpoints. A01 Show detailed understanding of language, structure and form with emerging insight. A02 Evaluate the text convincingly in an increasingly detailed way. Provide a range of examples to explain views Analyse the effects of a range of writer’s choices Select a range of quotations from both texts. A04"

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