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  • Name: Assessment: Paper 2 Section B
  • Code: E.4.11.CRW2.18
  • Specification Reference: 8700 Paper 2 Section B
  • Keywords: N/A
  • Objectives: To complete an assessment on Paper 2 section B
  • Competency: "Communicates with some success Attempts to match purpose, form and audience; attempts to control register Begins to vary vocabulary with some use of language features . A05 Increasing evidence of conscious punctuation and range of sentence forms. Increasingly varied use of vocabulary and occasional accurate spelling. A06 "
  • Proficiency: "Communication is clear Tone, style and register generally matched to purpose, form and audience Vocabulary clearly chosen to engage the reader. Successful use of a range of linguistic devices . A05 Range of punctuation and variety of sentence forms used for effect. Some sophisticated use of vocabulary. A06 "
  • Mastery: "Communication is convincing Tone, style and register consistently match purpose, form and audience Extensive vocabulary with evidence of conscious crafting of linguistic devices to engage the reader. A05 Wide range of punctuation is used with an increasingly high level of accuracy Increasingly full range of appropriate sentence forms for effect Sophisticated and accurate use of vocabulary. A06 "

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