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  • Name: T2 English W10 - Story genres
  • Code: PR.2.5.Y5E.22
  • Specification Reference: N/A
  • Keywords: English
  • Objectives: Expand noun phrases by the addition of modifying adjectives, nouns and preposition phrases (e.g. the teacher expanded to: the strict maths teacher with curly hair) Use some sentence variation created e.g. direct speech; simple adverbials (e.g. we played after tea... it was scary in the tunnel) Use speech punctuation (inverted commas) correctly with a new line for each speaker Organise content in paragraphs/sections (e.g. main idea usually supported or elaborated by following sentences) Analyse and evaluate texts by combining an understanding of significant ideas, themes, events and characters. Use modal verbs or adverbs to indicate the likelihood of something happening (e.g. could, might, should) Use precise expanded noun phrases to add interest and detail (e.g. the paisley patterned tie with a Windsor knot…) Select the appropriate form and use other similar writing as models when planning Use organisational features to structure text and to guide the reader (e.g. headings, bullet points, underlining) Sometimes show my viewpoint (opinion, attitude, position) Use a wider variety of conjunctions to clarify relationship between ideas (e.g. despite, although) Use fronted adverbials (e.g. Sadly, Happily); adverbial phrases (e.g. After a while, Next to the station); and subordination (e.g. When it stopped raining…..Creeping quietly,) Create an appropriate opening and closing, which tie together to impact on the reader Relate events or ideas organised into paragraphs or sections to support the content of the writing in different text types
  • Competency: N/A
  • Proficiency: N/A
  • Mastery: N/A

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