T1 English W8 -How to describe, compare, summarise and plan

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  • Name: T1 English W8 -How to describe, compare, summarise and plan
  • Code: PR.2.6.Y6E.8
  • Specification Reference: N/A
  • Keywords: English
  • Objectives: To learn to describe in detail, a character I have created. Sequence sentences logically to extend ideas. Some ideas and material developed in detail Additional words and phrases contribute to shades of meaning To learn to compare text and video sources. Within paragraphs. Sections, some links between sentences Some variation in sentence structure through a range of openings: adverbials Full range of punctuation used for effect To learn to summarise a text I have read. Related events or ideas organised into paragraphs or sections to support the content of the writing in different text types. Some ideas and material developed in detail e.g. using adverbial and expanded noun phrases. Content is balanced and controlled with some effective selection and ordering of text to engage the reader. To learn to plan and adapt a piece of writing to fit a new style. Use adverbial phrases and expanded noun phrases to add interest and detail. Ideas and events developed through some deliberate selection of phrases and vocabulary Vocabulary predominantly appropriate to the text type and genre
  • Competency: N/A
  • Proficiency: N/A
  • Mastery: N/A

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