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  • Name: T2 Maths W2 - Solving Practical Problems
  • Code: PR.2.6.Y6M.14
  • Specification Reference: N/A
  • Keywords: Maths
  • Objectives: To read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000 and determine the value of each digit To round any whole number to a required degree of accuracy To use negative numbers in context, and calculate intervals across zero To solve number and practical problems that involve all of the above To identify the value of each digit in numbers given to 3 decimal places and multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 giving answers up to 3 decimal places Use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of length, mass, volume and time from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit, and vice versa, using decimal notation to up to three decimal places
  • Competency: N/A
  • Proficiency: N/A
  • Mastery: N/A

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