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  • Name: Balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Code: S.3.7.F.2
  • Specification Reference: 4.5
  • Keywords: resultant force, balanced, unbalanced, equilibrium Drag force, streamlined, Drag, air resistance,
  • Objectives: To determine when forces are balanced or unbalanced
  • Competency: To identify when forces are balanced or unbalanced To identify the two main drag forces To state surface area influences the amount of air resistance
  • Proficiency: To calculate resultant forces giving both size and direction To describe effect of drag and describe ways to reduce drag on a moving object To explain why different materials are more effective than others
  • Mastery: To explain the effect of unbalanced forces on a object's speed To explain how changing the shape of an object affects the drag forces acting on it To evaluate the effectiveness of different parachute designs and explain why they were more/less effective

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