Lessons and lessons management system for schools and school groups

The single platform within which to access, edit, store, present, quality control and report on lesson content use

Support Colleagues... subscription to Uteach Lessons demonstrates commitment to address teacher #worklifebalance

Secure peace of mind... knowing that lesson content is of a consistently high quality whether delivered by staff or supply teachers

Demonstrate school performance... the systems reporting tools enabling monitoring and reporting on user behaviour

Lessons and lessons management system for schools and school groups

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We walk you through our digital ecosystem and highlight the key features of our easy-to-use and easy-to-edit lesson resources.

  • Over 2.800 serial lessons
  • Lessons that cover the full academic year
  • Lesson edit capability
  • Lesson planning calendar function
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Complimentary teacher and pupil apps available to use on Apple (iOS) or Android devices

What Do Head Teachers Say?

There’s a new emphasis in any Ofsted inspection that requires senior leaders to answer the question – what are you doing to reduce workload for teachers – and I think this is an ideal way to show Ofsted that you’re taking the issue seriously.

Alex Russell, Head Teacher

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Make sure your inexperienced teachers have the best resources

Using our resources gives schools control over the quality and content of the lessons taught by teachers. The educational content is directed by a National Leader of Education to make sure rigorous quality demands are adhered to and that content is periodically updated to ensure that it remains compliant with educational standards and teaching demands.

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Help your teachers to have a better work-life balance.

Alex Russell, Bourne Education Trust says "The single biggest challenge is the time and the relentless nature of planning. If you think about it they’ve got to plan every day for 195 days." Uteach Lessons has been designed to reduce that burden.  We believe it to be the most time efficient online lessons delivery system available to teachers today.

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We seek to enable teachers to invest a greater proportion of their energy in delivering engaging classroom experiences, and to secure a more reasonable #worklifebalance.

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