Bring the quality of a British education to your international school

Gold standard According to the Chairman of British Schools in the Middle East, the British curriculum is the “Gold Standard” of international education

Used worldwide The UK-based curriculum is used by over one third of the 8,600 international schools and is the most used curriculum worldwide

Widely recognised Equip pupils with the skills and qualifications to enter, or re-enter, the UK education system

Bring the quality of a British education to your international school

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We walk you through our digital ecosystem and highlight the key features of our easy-to-use and easy-to-edit lesson resources.

  • Over 2.800 serial lessons
  • Lessons that cover the full academic year
  • Lesson edit capability
  • Lesson planning calendar function
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Complimentary teacher and pupil apps available to use on Apple (iOS) or Android devices

What do British leaders in education say?

These are well planned, well-organised lessons that are produced by outstanding practitioners that meet the needs of all learners in the classroom. You cannot get that from the web and you cannot get that from other providers. I think that's what makes these lessons unique.

Alex Russell, Head Teacher

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Better #worklifebalance for teachers

Our platform was developed in partnership with Bourne Education Trust (BET) and in particular with Alex Russell, BET's CEO. By giving your teachers access to our platform, you will be supporting your colleagues by not only providing a commitment towards #worklifebalance. You’ll also have a secure peace of mind, knowing that lesson content is of a consistently high quality whether delivered by staff or supply teachers and you will be demonstrating your school performance and dedication to your students.

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Better opportunities for students

“The British curriculum is recognised internationally and is a gateway to leading universities around the world that accept GCSEs and A-levels,” says Mark Thomas, principal at The British School of Guangzhou in China.

By using the UK-based curriculum, International schools are able to make themselves high-standing as it is a sought-after education.

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We seek to enable teachers to invest a greater proportion of their energy in delivering engaging classroom experiences, and to secure a more reasonable #worklifebalance.

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