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Lesson resources for school teachers

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We walk you through our Lessons Portal and highlight the key features of our easy-to-use and easy-to-edit lesson resources.

  • Over 2,800 serial lessons
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  • Lesson edit capability
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Comprehensive, serial lessons that address the curriculum

Why waste your time trawling the web looking for Ad-Hoc lesson resources? Use ours instead! We provide high quality lessons, constantly updated for all abilities, created by industry leading practitioners.

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Curated by practitioners

NLE Alex Russell "what is new is well planned, well organised lessons that meet the needs of all learners in the classroom, and you cannot get that from the web, you cannot get that from other providers, and that’s what makes these lessons unique."

It's completely revolutionary...!

There are so many demands on teachers these days and it has changed in the years I have been in teaching. This new resource saves time. It’s completely revolutionary because I know that they are high quality resources!

Gayle Jennings, Teacher

Uteach Lessons have taken the pressure away...!

I have just recently started using the Uteach Lessons and they have decreased my workload immensely. Before using the lessons, I had very little time outside of school as creating a new powerpoint for each lesson took so long. The Uteach Lessons have taken this pressure away from me. The presentations are well laid out and easy to understand for students.

William Browne, Teacher

This is so important...!

There’s a new emphasis in any Ofsted inspection that requires senior leaders to answer the question – what are you doing to reduce workload for teachers – and I think this is an ideal way to show Ofsted that you’re taking the issue seriously.

Alex Russell, Head Teacher

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We seek to enable teachers to invest a greater proportion of their energy in delivering engaging classroom experiences, and to secure a more reasonable #worklifebalance.

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